Monday, August 2, 2010


It's been a long time since I've done one of these, and a lot has changed since then. So here it goes!

Eleven things I wish I could say to different people:

1. You are one of the strongest people you know. Having a rough past is, well, rough. But you came out/are coming out of it really well. I admire your strength, intelligence, beauty, and humor. You are going to be so successful and amazing when you are older!

2. I'm really glad you're happy now. Without you in my life, I'm not quite sure where I would be right now. Probably the same place I was in 10th grade. Thank you for all the good times, the bad times, (reference), and the sad times. I can't wait to see what you do in your life. :)

3. You have such great ambitions and personal morals. I've loved watching you evolve these past...however long it's been. You are one of the nicest, most interesting people I know. Please don't ever stop being you!

4. You will forever be my best friend. Thank you for being there for me when I'm being irrational, or feeling way too much. You have been such a good influence in my life. Your graciousness and welcome-ness is amazing. I am so ecstatic to see where life takes us (yes, us).

5. Sometimes I wish you would express more, but I know that's not really who you are. I miss hanging out with you every day. I like that you're so cynical, yet have so much love for the world. Thank you for the countless laughs.

6. You came into my life right when I needed you. I could make a list of all the things I love about you. Thank you for putting up with me. I know it's hard sometimes, the situation, but we'll make it through. I know it.

7. I'm just....confused when it comes to you. I don't know whether or not to trust you, or to even LIKE you. Your blatant rudeness is not what friendships are about. I wish we could work things out, but for now I don't see that happening.

8. You have SO much potential. It makes me sad to see you risking all of that in your life choices. You are such a good friend, partner, and comedian. You're definitely one of the funniest people I've ever met. Your insight and passion astounds me sometimes, and I miss hanging out with you.

9. I'm so glad we got to know each other better this past little while. Some of my favorite memories involve you. You are such a good friend, and I want to thank you for being a good friend to my good friends. That probably doesnt make sense. Either way, you're amazing.

10. You're the biggest jerk I know and I do not miss you.

11. As the person who taught me the most life lessons in such a short time, all I can really say is thank you. Thank you for making my day so much brighter when you walked into the room. You're a great kid and always will be. I miss you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ten random memories from my life:

1. Sitting on a bee and getting stung on my butt in my teeny tent.

2. Halloween 2009, going to the cemetery and downtown with Amy, Katey, Dano, Kenna, and Grace.
Dano smashing into me! :)

3. That sleepover at Amy's that was about 20 degrees... It was still fun :]

4. Dancing for hours at Cari and Joe's wedding.

5. Going to Florida for Easter and almost being eaten by an alligator. D:

6. Choking on something in my cheese on a burrito.

7. Going to Winco with the largest group of teenagers ever to go to Winco.

8. Playing in the treadmill box for months. That place was a sanctuary.

9. Lighting candles and spilling wax all over Shannon's driveway.

10. Going to the mountains with Jeff, Grace, Amy, and Dano, and taking long exposure shots of the very VERY black sky...

Nine things about myself:

1. I blog because I update my facebook status too much. That and I can't write in my journal anymore...

2. If I could wear a sundress every day I would.

3. I love rings.

4. I love Las Vegas. It is the greatest city ever (between the months of september and may).

5. When I want something, I make it happen.

6. I'm pretty good with my money. Except that I lost my paycheck once.

7. If I could have any talent I don't have already, it would be the ability to draw.

8. I want to make you laugh. Probably because I want you to make me laugh.

9. I'm super patriotic. I've begun to show it more though.

Eight ways to win my heart.

1. Surprise me.

2. Cuddle with me.

3. Make me laugh.

4. Be okay with just chilling.

5. Be passionate about something.

6. Play an instrument.

7. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

8. Be there for me. For advice, a hug or just to listen.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

1. Sean.

2. College.

3. How lucky I am.

4. Blog...

5. Photography, and everything about it.

6. Wishful thinking.

7. How much I hate it when people don't control their children.

Six people who mean a lot to me:

1. Mom & Dad
2. Sean
3. Kim & Jake
4. Lea Ann
5. Cari & Joe
6. Grace

Five things I regret doing (or not doing) in my life:

1. Not playing in the rain with Sean. Why?! Gahh...angst.
2. Not watching a sunrise.
3. Giving too much sometimes...

Four things I'm wearing right now:
1. Bra.
2. Awesome underwear.
3. Tanktop.
4. Superhero Boxers.

Three songs that I listen to often:

1. Little House- Amanda Seyfried
2. American Pie- Don McLean
3. Lady Antebellum.

Two things I want to do before I die:

1. Deal blackjack for something awesome.

2. Live in my dream house.

One confession:
I can't wait to get married. I'm not planning on it ANY time soon, but I'm super excited for that.

And while we're here, can I just say that working six days a week, sucks.