Friday, October 22, 2010

day three.

Day threeee: a picture of you and your friends.

Just one? Not gonna happen.

My best friend, sister, everything, Grace.
The six best friends that anyone could have.
I miss these fools like none other.

The girls.

Alpha Chi Omega.
The day I joined I gained 40 new friends. :)


and last but not least, Tiffany. We were made to be best roomie friends, I'm sure.

My surrogate brother Jooooee,

and his wife Cari. :)

Nick, Mallory, Dad, Mom, Trenton.

The last three pictures are the best family ANYONE could ever have.

ps: Lea Ann too, but I don't have a picture of her and I.

and one more of grace.

just because i miss her so much.


Gracie said...

I miss you.

Amy said...

I could say the same about you! Love ya long time.