Sunday, November 21, 2010

day twenty!

i'm back to the challenge. :)
Day 20) Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Ummm...well I'm only 18! So I guess rather than a person, I'll go with characteristics.
I want to marry someone who...
- understands my weird tendencies. Counting, hating pants, etc. these make me who i am so you just have to live with them. 
-think's i'm the funniest thing ever. not really, but if people don't think my family and i are funny, they don't really have a chance.
-gets along and can hold his own with my family. we are really close, and brutal sometimes, so that's important.
mom, dad, cari, joe, sister, you all understand this one lol.
-has the same values as i do. pretty sure this is self-explanitory.
-doesn't care if i take his picture. it's gonna happen no matter what. it would be even better if he liked taking pictures too.
-will laugh at stupid things with me. i do that a lot...
-can help me learn about aspects of life i haven't experienced. what fun is it to marry someone who's done the same things you have? i want to broaden my horizons. 
-is in the military. because i have a huge patriotism inside me, and most people don't unless they're in the military or around it a lot. 
-has tattoos. because i do too. :)
-who loves music and movies as music as i do. 
-also, all the other good qualities. funny, nice, courteous, can surprise me (i love surprises), etc.
Someone like him, hahahaha.

PS: How is the small red font for you guys? Can you read it okay?

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