Thursday, November 4, 2010

fob, sor, and music.

FOB = Fall Out Boy = The band that changed my life.
Amy, don't make fun of me.


When I was in eighth grade, I was in the car with my wonderful sister Kimberlie ( We were headed North on Highland Drive, but I don't remember where we were going. We were listening to a mix CD and "Of All The Gin Joints In All The World" came on. I instantly fell in love. She asked me, "Have you ever heard this song?" I said no, and she proceeded to tell me the band was called Fall Out Boy.
I went home, googled them, and fell in love even more. Like most girls, I was pretty sure Pete Wentz (bassist) was my soul mate. I even wrote a biography paper on him in Mrs. Cotton's English class. Don't even worry about it, it's fine.
I decided after listening From Under The Cork Tree (their third album) every minute of every day for a year, that I wanted to learn bass guitar.
My parents rented a sunburst red/orange/black bass from Summerhays and found me a teacher. He looked like a frog and lived downtown in the coolest little apartment in the world. It smelled like musty old men and music, but that's okay. The first song he taught me was "Dance, Dance," by, you guessed it, Fall Out Boy. I'm sad to say I do not remember to play this song.. :(
I took lessons from Doug for about a year, and then he decided to leave me for New York. Understandable. I would too.
He referred me to Paul Green School of Rock, because that is where he used to teach. I decided to check it out. I found out that SOR is a place where kids go to learn musical instruments. Guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, and vocals mostly. You go for a 45 minute lesson every week, and 3 hour rehearsal every week for a show you will play. Every three months you play that show, then start again with a different one.

Long story short, I gave back my rental bass, bought a black $200 Ibanez Roadgear, and started at School of Rock.
My first show was The Doors. It was fabulous! SOR opened my music taste up to more than alternative rock and pop. I now listened the The Beatles (who I always hated, despite my father's efforts), Rush, Grateful Dead, bands like that. Good classic rock. SOR's motto was "saving rock and roll one kid at a time." I still wear my hoodie all the time.
After the Doors I played...
-Rolling Stones
--Black Sabbath
--Devo vs. Oingo Boingo
--Another Woodstock
--Party On (70's & 80's)
--Best of Season shows
I can't even name them all...How sad is that. I kept all my ticket stubs, but I left them in Salt Lake when I moved to Logan.
Anyway, I played in SOR for 4 years and had to quit because I got too old and I went off to school.

I have to thank Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz for getting me into music, and inspiring me to play. This band is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Sometimes I forget because I am too busy listening to other things, but every time someones asks me who my favorite band is I remember how much I LOVE Fall Out Boy.



beboldwithgodsgifts said...

we are real alike. just sayin

Anonymous said...

FOB FTL... but if you like them... that's real cool too.