Monday, November 1, 2010

skipped and thirteen

I decided to skip number twelve. So here is thirteen!
A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Instead of a letter, I'm just going to kind of talk a little bit, I guess.

"A wise person admits their faults." --Unknown
Lately in all areas of my life, people haven't been standing up for things they have done. We are getting older, we are maturing, and a lot of people are still stuck in sophomore year.
I don't know if it's upbringing, personality, or just plain stubbornness, but I would really enjoy it if it stopped. K thanks. :)

When someone calls you crying and tells you things that they expect you to take lightly, it's not very fun. It kind of makes you sick inside, and makes you wish you could help them. It makes you wish that they could see how truly amazing they are.

Other than these few things, life is pretty fantastic. I seriously haven't been THIS happy in a long time (I also haven't been this bugged in a long time, but that is beside the point). College is amazing, my friends are amazing, my family is amazing, yada yada yada.

Tomorrow is Election Day. I should probably be voting this year, but I missed the deadline to register. Elections remind me of high school, and how politically-centered I was. Due to debate, I knew all about everything going on in the world, had opinions on it, and could shoot down anything. And now, 6 months later, I am...completely oblivious to what's going on. I couldn't tell you anything about the oil spill. I couldn't tell you who is running for governor. It kind of makes me sad to admit this... I think I should probably start looking up current events. :)

I'm warning you now, this post could be long, and honestly, it's just because I feel like writing.

Things that cross my mind a lot:
-i love alpha chi!
-i miss my mom, dad, and grace lotssss.
-philosophy sucks, but is getting better.
-dear john
-taylor swift, morning of, and 1997 lyrics
-he's cuuuute. phone number please.
-"llama face!"
-stupid elevator.
-like a g6.
-my camera.
-tattoos again.
-stupid zitsssss.

i should probably say the end for tonight.

ex, oh, kay bee.

I want this man.

"i'll give you my love if you say that it's time. i'll tear down the walls we built up in our lives.
as the barrier breaks between your heart and mine, you will die to forget I will live to remind you."

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