Friday, January 7, 2011

oh my

it's been a good month since i've blogged. from broken internet, to being out of town, to redoing my room, it's been so crazy this break.
lets recap::
i got done with finals and came home on the 16th. hung out with my mom, the fam, all that good stuff. hosted an ugly sweater party. it wasn't as good as last year, but it was still fun. :) 
i spent christmas eve with joe (my mom's boyfriend) and his family out in lehi. it was way fun!
i got this epic wolf blanket! well, similar to this one :) mine only has two wolves and they're both howling. umm that was way too nerdy, but it's fine. i also got a zoom lens for my camera, guitar coat hangers and awesome glass markers for parties, among other things. it was a really great christmas. 
then for christmas morning my mom and i went to lea ann's and had breakfast with her, cari and joe. from there we went to the airport and i flew to california to spend christmas night with my dad! when i got there he told me we were going to san francisco for the night. YEAHHH! i love san francisco, and i was so excited. definitely a great christmas present. we walked around chinatown and union square, then down by market (for those of you who know SF pretty well). we ate LEGIT chinese food at "chinatown restaurant." i've always wanted to eat in chinatown, so that was really cool. the next morning we went to haight ashbury, walked around, drove around the city a little and headed home to the doggy. i spent the next few days with dad hanging out, watching movies, and relaxing. we went to old sacramento and looked at lights and shopped around a bit. everything 50% off in my two favorite stores. :) i went home the day before new years eve.

for new years eve, i went to joe's house again and hung out with his family. played beatles rock band for the first time, and kicked some lego star wars butt with cute little carter and bailee (not my dog). i also found out that i was going to be able to go to vegas the next morning! thank you mom for letting me ruin your plans and driving home with me. it was SOOO COLD. like, not even kidding probably -1. i died a little bit. especially since i left my coat in logan. :( 
anyway, so the next morning, new years day, i left for vegas with a few of my sisters (kenna, kacie, kirsten, and me). we went to visit kassi! 5 k names! aaahahh!
we went to the strip, and did all the touristy things. haha. it was so much fun! kirsten had never been before.

 we went to a really cool zoo called "roos-n-more." they have exotic animals like kangaroos, porcupines, sloths, toucan, turtles, walaroos, lemurs, a bear cat, an owl, and all sorts of cool things. most of them are out so you can pet them and hold them. :)
this is a monkey taking care of a baby otter! it's like a mom and a baby of different species hahaha. it was the cuuuuutest thing in the world. this zoo was SO COOL and i definitely plan on going back some day haha.

camel kisses :)

 alpha chi omega night on the strip!

one day we were on the strip for the entire day! this was in the morning after out first buffet (out of three!).

 adorable boy.

so i was there until tuesday. 
now it is thursday, and all i have done in these two days is finish putting my room together and watching trash tv (jersey shore...). so terrible, but so addicting. sorry to disappoint, dad. ;)
i guess i have a reason for my JS poster now, other than to scare courtney. here's picture of my room! 

only about half of it is in these picture, but the other half is the same. i just painted the wall red and re-decorated.

i'm going back up to logan on saturday, and starting school again on monday. here's to this semester not being horrible like last one!

love you all

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