Friday, February 4, 2011

old friends new friends

when we are in high school, it seems like our lives are falling apart. it sometimes seems like nothing is going right.
you tell your friends "oh, we definitely will be friends forever."
that's not true at all, and i've realized this lately. 
in college everything changes. 

i hardly talk to my friends from high school now. 
yes, they are all still tight. 
so maybe it's just me?
yes, yes i think it is.

my life is changing dramatically and it's so hard to stay the same person i was in high school.
the same person who fit in with her best friends.
it sucks to be the odd one out of my best friends now.
and i guess through high school i kind of still was, but even more now.

i never thought i would be one of the people who lost all their good high school friends. 
like i said, i think it's just me.

so... here's to the good times and the bad times. 
i love you.

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Gracie said...

you didn't lose me