Thursday, June 16, 2011

and if you're partial to the night sky...

...and if you're vaguely attracted to rooftops.

(this post is all about something you my not know about me...)


seriously, how can you not think the night sky is the most amazing thing ever.
when people ask me "what's your biggest inspiration?" i never really know what to say. 
but lately, i've realized that it's probably the night sky.
it's been one of my all time favorite things ever since i was little.
i wanted to be an astronomer, but as i got older i got worse at math, and that dream flew out the window. 
there was a lunar eclipse tonight, and i'm far more upset about missing it than i should be.
i received a book when i was little called "children's atlas of the universe."
it's one of my prized posessions.
i seriously got it like 10 years go, and i STILL have it.
i don't have a lot of books from when i was young. 
(side note: this book and the question/answer book my dad got me are two i love with my whole heart.)
okay so. what brought this whole blog post on is this:
i recently read a book called so much closer. it's by susane colasanti, who is one of my favorite authors. 
in the book, the main character meets a boy who tells her she needs to look up more.
he says this because by always looking at eye level and lower, we're missing so much.
(i wish i could find the direct quote but i can't seem to find it anywhere.)
we miss all the things that go on above us.
the water towers, beautiful buildings, and in my case- stars.
about a week ago i was walking into my house after work and hanging out with friends, and something told me to look up. i did, and a split second later i saw a shooting star. 
it was exactly what i needed that night, and i stood there for a minute just staring at the sky. 
i told my mom about the book, and looking up.
we were sitting in joe's hot tub, and i was complaining about my crappy friends and my hard job (which is getting better), and everything was going wrong that day. 
she paused and said, "look up." 
the moon was hidden behind a high cloud, and it was lighting up the top of a lower cloud, and it was beautiful.
i instantly felt better and felt like everything would be okay. 

i leave you with a quote talking about the lunar eclipse tonight.

So many people in their hum-drum lives are always looking down at computers or whatever," explained Wiggins. "But they're not looking up at the sky enough. I really think that the sky is a natural resource that we should come to appreciate."

i know this post had a lot of text, but it needed to be said. :)

sometimes i just want to do this to the moon.
hey moon, you're amazing.


Cari said...

I love this!

Jake and Kim said...

diddo Cari. I love this post. oh...and BLEMET.

Tamara said...

Well said darling daughter.