Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"can you get me free bread?"

This question is seriously embedded in my mind for the rest of my life.
As many of you know I worked at the Sara Lee Bakery over the summer, and let's be honest, it was the worst job I've ever had. 
But it was also one of the biggest learning experiences, and I met a ton of great people.
I was in shipping, so no I didn't actually get to make bread.
I was on the bun line, meaning I worked with hamburger and hot dog buns, as well as deli rolls and dinner rolls.
Just in case you wanted to know hahaha.
It was hot (add 15 degrees to the temperature outside), sticky, dirty, and hard. 
I don't know if any of you know this, but buns in mass are HEAVY.
12 packages per basket, 28 baskets or more per wheel.
I wish I had pictures so you could really understand, but you can't take pictures in the bakery, so unfortunately I have none.
Just think it's about 200 pounds per wheel they told me once, but that's a really full wheel that's going on a truck, so it can be more or less than that too.
Can you imagine that running over your foot? It freaking hurts! 
The shipping area was dirty because trucks are dirty, and outside is dirty, and that makes shipping dirty since we work with trucks and outside a lot.
Your bread is perfectly clean and sanitary I promise.
Although it sucked when it was hot, or when I had a bad day, or when I'd rather be at a wedding or at a family party, I can say that I learned SO much from this job.
I met amazing people, and learned to really appreciate what I have and what happens in order to get the products that just appear on grocery store shelves.
I think everyone should work in a factory at some point in their lives.
People would appreciate so much more, and would really learn what it means to work your butt off. Literally though. 
Side note: I had KILLER arm and leg muscles at the end of the summer, but now that I'm not working they're going away and it makes me sad. :[
Even though this was the worst summer in a while, because I missed so many things, it was also one of the most hilarious summers. The people I work with are amazing, and they made me not hate my life for 3 months.
In the words of Kenny Chesney, 
"Holds up a frozen orange daquiri and laughs. Here's to the boys at the factory."
I have to thank Dan and Anthony for training me, because they did it perfectly.
They had the same motto as School of Rock, in that people learn best when just thrown in.
It took a while, but eventually I got pretty good at it, I must say. 
Anthony told me to have a beer for him up here, but I don't drink beer so let's just pretend.
Here's to the boys at the factory:
Dan, Anthony, Carlos, Fehi, Augustine, Les, Justin, Jeff, Kalolo, other Jeff, and everyone else.
You are the best and I love you!


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Jake and Kim said...

I believe you it was the hardest job ever. I have never had to work that hard. You are awesome for sticking it out!! Thank you for my yummy (clean) bread :) It is muchly appreciated. Austin thanks you too, he loves buns haha