Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Being Greek and what that TRULY means.

Being Greek is really something that, most times, non-Greeks don't understand.
They don't understand why it's so important, why we do what we do, what our Ritual is.
The thing is, though, people should know our Ritual by looking at us.
We should be living it so much that we can have a 30 second conversation, and people should know what we as people, and our organizations stand for. They should be able to see the values we are taught, and the things that make us better. Not better than other people, but better for ourselves and our organizations.
"My letters don't make me better than you, they make me better than I used to be."
They should be able to know the type of people we are, and the type of people we strive to be.
That is what big R Ritual is all about. 
Little r ritual is something we do every day. Brushing our teeth, putting on clothes, our shower routine. It never changes. As Greeks, and having gone through a Ritual to make us who we are, we should strive to live that every day. It can be hard because most organizations only do Ritual once a semester. I know for me, knowing I can only experience it a limited amount of times, makes me pay a lot more attention that I would if it was an indefinite thing. 
This blog is inspired by Greek Leadership Weekend. GLW is a retreat that selected members of the Greek community get to go to. It's a weekend at Bear Lake, and it's spent learning leadership skills, learning about yourself and your community, and making new friends. We covered courage, the bystander effect, Ritual, and teamwork. This was one of the best weekends of my life. I learned so much about myself, community and organization. 
I am SO proud to be Greek. However, most people in my life don't understand why.

Hope that helps.


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