Thursday, November 8, 2012

update, finally!

Alright y'all... Here's my first real blog in a long time!
Hopefully it'll give everyone a little update about my life, especially all you family who don't live with me, haha.

School is pretty good so far. It's infinitely better than I thought it would be. I'm taking math, english, biology, and travel/hospitality. All 1010 classes, but it should finish all my generals and I can concentrate on my major. Right now I have at least 3.5 years left, according to my advisor, but that includes taking one general a semester. So I think if I have all of them out of the way it won't take as long. Hopefully!
In my english class, I've learned more about food and culture than I have about english. It might be because I   should be in a higher level class, or it might just be because it's a food based writing class... Who knows. I've written a memoir about a favorite recipe, a "most memorable meal" essay, and I'm doing a menu analysis right now. Guys, I really like english. Biology sucks but I'm doing alright, math is WAY better than it used to be, and I haven't really done anything for my travel class yet. Shhhh...

Dublin, Ireland is coming up in 10 DAYS. 10 days, people! I've been to Europe once, and I went to Spain, Italy and France. It was on a tour so I couldn't really do anything I wanted, but I loved it anyway (duh, who wouldn't). So this time I am traveling with one of my best friends, Carlos (you can find him here). The only thing we have planned for sure is a tour of the Jameson distillery, set for the day of Thanksgiving. 

I accepted my offer to the Disney College Program!! I'll be working somewhere in the Walt Disney World Resort doing Merchandise, some people call it "merchtainment." :)
So I will either be working at a little kiosk selling souvenirs, in a store selling souvenirs, you get the drift. I am excited beyond belief but also super nervous. This will be the biggest thing I've done by myself...ever. I'll live in an apartment with 3 other girls. I have to have an internship to graduate with my Parks and Recreation Professional degree, and this fills that requirement, so I am on my way there! And also, after you complete the college program, you are eligible to apply for a Disney Professional Internship. I'm not exactly sure what that it buuuuut it can't be bad, right?

Also, I went to Seattle last weekend for the first time! I don't have all the pictures on my computer yet so I won't write about that quite yet. But it was amazing! I need to move there ASAP. Here are a few highlights...


Also also, we got a puppy! Her name is Lily and she is the most precious goldendoodle in the world. 

And this, just because I like it.


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