Monday, August 23, 2010

someone tell roth that i DO love college!

Just a quick update before working on my summer assignment...

I moved into my dorm at Utah State yesterday.
I love it so far! The whole family helped move me in, and believe it or not my preggo sister was a big help. :)
After the move in, we went back home to spend one more night with my dad before he went back to California. After dropping him off at the airport, I drove up here and finished settling in. My sweet roomates helped me unload my car.
I spent the afternoon with new and old friends.

And, surprise, made cookies. The first college batch! 11 minutes was way too long in the ovens here, so I tried 8 and it was great. :)
Shared them with the boys across the hall, the people who came to "meet and greet" (we're convinced they were just meeting the girls...), and the roomies.

ALSO! I got a new laptop today. It is absolutely perfect! Blue, good sound, and fast internet. Yeaaaah.

That was probably the most ADD blog I've written in a while.
Sorry about that.
Next time:: Bear Lake :D


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