Tuesday, October 26, 2010

eight days a week

(i was thinking about this song title, and realized that if we had eight days in a week, we would wish for nine days a week...always wanting more.)

that aside, day 8.

Short term goals for this month (November) and why.

1) Make friends with more of the frat boys (excuse me, fraternity men).

Why: Because they are all so extremely cool, and I want to get to know them more

2) Go to all of my Philosophy classes.

Why: Because maybe, just maybe, they will get better.

3) Take the stairs.

Why: Mainly because our elevator is broken... But they aren't bad anyway.

4) Do all of my homework.

Why: Because in school, if you don't do homework you fail.

5) Don't facebook creep as much.

Why: Because it's creepy!

6) Get his phone number!

Why: Because the worst that can happen is he says no.

7) Go to bed early on days that I have to wake up at 8 the next morning.

Why: Because coffee only gets you so far, and if you fall asleep in Creative Arts, it's as bad as not going at all.

That's all.


Two Side Notes:

I got Taylor Swift's new CD today. It's amazing, as usual. She never fails to put into words what I can't.

It's HALLOWEEN this weekend! I cannot wait. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I hope Grace makes it up here.

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