Monday, October 25, 2010


Day Sevvvv- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

Oh wow.

I can't even think of what has made the biggest impact on me.

I want to say my family, my best friend Grace and my AXO sisters.

My family because they have always been there for me, supported me through EVERYTHING, whether they support it or not. They have taught me values, but still allowed me to believe in my won, whether they did or not.

They raised me amazingly and there's no way to thank them for how much they have done for me.

Grace because... She's Grace. She accepts me for who I really am. She lets me vent to her at 3 am, gives me advice, then doesn't get mad. She wears her "sexy pants" and lets me take pictures, as long as I don't show them to anyone. She plays Lego Star Wars with me for hours. She promised me I won't have to stand in a line at her wedding. She has been the greatest friend to me for these past 5 (6 by me) years.

And last but not least, A-Chi-O.

This is a great, diverse group of people. They have taught me so much already in these two short months. I absolutely cannot wait to see what these next four years bring with these girls.

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