Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day eighteen

first of all, intelligent life in the universe is the most pointless class to go to. i'm pretty sure our teacher only has "clicker questions" so that we come to class. ARGGH. waste of my time.

second of all, this is day 18! only 12 left. excited? i am! :)

today is..plans/goals/dreams that you have.
we'll start with plans.
my plans for the next year include... going to school, mostly. i start my spring semester in january, and i'm hoping to be accepted into the art program here at USU. if not, i'm not quite sure what i'll do. i play to work in the summer (if millcreek still wants me:]...), and then come back to school in the fall.
alsooo, i plan on going to california to visit my dad soon. hopefully that works out for christmas! i plan on putting together a portfolio of photos, and i plan on starting photo classes from "cache valley photographers." 

--get at least a 3.0 every semester in college
--be on exec board at axo sometime.
--go to all my classes! (seriously, 9am is UGLY).

ohh man! i guess my ultimate dream is to be either a concert photographer, or a wedding photographer. or both! that would be sweet too. maybe just events in general...

i would love to just be able to take pictures for the rest of my life, and have fun.
i want to travel and see new places. 
i want to make a difference, and if i could do that through photography, that would be the greatest thing ever.


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