Sunday, November 14, 2010

liar week

just kidding, it's lyre week.i just wanted to make sure you pronounced it like we do.
this past week (november 8-11) was initiation weeek! commonly known as lyre week.
it was one of the greatest weeks ever, filled with pranks, activities, and all that good stuff.

monday, we had chapter dinner and had a sleepover at kassi's house.

tuesday, we had an activity and did a "get to know you" thing, that was a lot deeper and more open than most.  then the new members pulled our first prank. seran wrapping the porch, and filling it with TONS of shredded paper. it took hours to figure our how to do it right, and it was freezing. we also stuff as much paper as we could between the screen and door of the side entrance.. :) it turned out great. 

wednesday, we had another activity and it was our final night in the house.
our prank for this night was to freeze all of the silverware in jello, buuuut the actives found out so we could only take half. i'm not quite sure how it eventually turned out. all i know is that when i last saw it, it was in the window well!

the actives' prank for us was (going to be) amazing! they got us all out of the house and we went on a "trust walk." --let me just say, that this was FANTASTIC, and it seemed SO real. but it wasn't.-- we walked from the house to the ampitheater on old main hill and back. at 3am. in the winter. we got back, all was good, and we decided to put in a movie. long story short, the power suddenly went out and a strobe light began flashing through the doors.. we open them and amy is laying on the stairs face down laughing....Here's what was supposed to happen.
-we go out of the house so we're cold and tired and so actives can get set up.
-we come back, chill for a bit, and then alarm clocks go off and static is all we hear (set for 4:15), and then the power goes out.
-the ring comes on the TV at the static-y party, the strobe light comes on, and amy comes down the stairs as the grudge girl.
it would have been WAY scary if it had happened the way they planned. but we decided to watch my best friends wedding and the breaker was flipped too early.
either way it was fantastic!

thursday night we had Ritual, and the new members became actives. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!
i'm so happy to finally be an active, to wear letters, to have my paddle, and to have a ton of sisters that i love.
joining axo was the best decision i ever made, and i can tell it will be a great experience for me.'s day nineteen. nicknames and why you have them.
K-'s easier to type than kristina.
KB- becayse taryn and amy think it's badass.
KBeezy- said so, and i'm a beezy.
Stina- given to me in 8th grade by my science teacher. loved him!

ohhh ps;
i wrote this on my old laptop since my new one died and i forgot the charger, so i will put picture from lyre week up asap:)


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