Wednesday, November 24, 2010


throw it up!

twenty two- what makes you different from everyone else
i've seriously been staring at this screen for a good twenty minutes.
i mean, i always say i'm different but i never really thought about why.
i think i'll narrow it down and go with "everyone else" meaning everyone my age, meaning college freshman in utah.

let's see.
-most of my really good friends are adults. 

-i have a broad view of the world.

-i know the origin of the peace sign...
fyi: it's a combination of the semaphore symbols for "n" and "d" ---nuclear disarmament. N is formed by holding flags at an upside down v shape, and D is formed by holding one flag straight up and one straight down. the circle is just for funsies.

-i drink/would love to be a bartender. 

-my family isn't the typical "mom, dad, sibling, sibling, sibling *insert how many siblings.*"
ew, really? every time i see these i want to peel them off.

especially the disneyland ones. sick.

-i am more mature than a lot of people my age. even though it's childish to say that. maybe, "old soul" is a better term. yeah, that works. old soul.

-i cry when i'm mad or upset, while most people cry when they're sad.

-i like the grateful dead. thank you dad(:

i feel like this just isn't what this topic was supposed to be. but for the life of me, i can't put into words what makes me different. i will tell you this, even though it has nothing to do with this. one of my dearest axo sisters once told me:
"i believe that when we meet someone, we met them for a reason. when we meet someone we give them a piece of our soul, and they give us a piece of there's."
kassi butler, i love you!

i've decided that it's up to us to find out why the people in our lives are in our lives. let them know that you love them, learn from them, and teach them something as well. 

little sidetracked, but that's okay. :)
here's my latest catchphrases, since i have nothing better to do but entertain you. haha, amy.
-it's fine.
-i mean...
-no big deal.
-you fancy huh.
-she/he crazy.
i blame my sisters and tiffany eff bushman.

thats all!

story of my life.

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