Sunday, November 28, 2010


day twenty three- something you crave a lot

nielson's frozen custard

sweet and sour chicken

my lukees. love love love.



on a side note,
i've been home for a week for thanksgiving break. currently, i'm stuck in salt lake due to weather conditions. 
we have 9 inches and counting of snow in our backyard...
i was not planning on going outside. but i got cute new boots! red plaid. 

I just skyped with my uncle edwin. he is the greatest person in this entire world!
he lives in a beautiful house in orient, NY with his partner tim. 

it is surrounded by a huuuuuge green garden. aaaah! so amazing.
i have learned sooooo much from edwin and tim, and they are seriously my biggest role models. 
i wish i could find some way to let them know just how much i love and appreciate them.
i will think of something.
just know they are AMAAAZING! and be super jealous.


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