Thursday, December 2, 2010

two fiveee

we're almost done, people!
day twenty five-- what i would find in your bag. i'm doing my backpack. :)

-two packs of stolen library crackers
-four dinosaur silly bands
-86 cents.
-a ziploc with my class ring, my bow ring, and my diamond earrings in it.
-BAC pocket guide..ummm..two things of cherry chapstick.
-six note cards
-a paper with my secret sisters name on it
-a wad of paper
-a deck of cards
-burger kind coupons
-two pink erasers
-two ticonderoga pencils
-an elastic
-pink, yellow, and purple highlighters
-and iClicker
-three pens

-society and disability binder
-philosophy midterm.

that's all! 


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