Saturday, December 4, 2010

twenty sixxx

day twenty six- what you think about your friends

my friends are the most diverse crowd you will ever meet. 
i think they are the people who make me who i am.
if i could, i would name every single one of them here, but that would take way too long. :P

Grace, Amy, Mckenna. Tiffany, Kacie, all the AXO girls, I LOVE YOU ALLLL SO MUCH.

Grace: I think a lot of things about you. :) You are the nicest person I have ever met. You always keep me on track and keep me where I need to be. Thank you for letting me know when I am being stupid, or when I just need a slap in the face. Best friend, sister, I love you.

Amy: You are always there for me to talk to about things that other people wouldn't understand. I love our marketplace lunch dates, but i don't like that you live next door and that we don't hang out enough. let's change that. also, thank you for religiously reading my blog. love you.

Mckenna: I have never laughed as much as I do when I am with you (and amy and grace). You are the wittiest, funniest person ever, and i just can't get over it. i love that you come to me for advice about....things.... ;) let's play a ton over christmas break, deal? maybe a re-run of new years?

Tiffany: college best friend, this weekend has been quite quiet without you. thank you for being the one up here i can go to about stupid boys, sleepovers in your room, and study room conversations. i seriously have so much fun when i am with you, and we are just so funny together. bahaha. remember when kylie peed her pants? i expect a comment on this blog from you.

Kacie: one fiddy one! my neighbor, my birdie sister, and my partner in crime. those light up shot glasses are the coolest things i have ever seen in my life, and i am so glad that we own them now. we always go on fun adventures, and i almost pee of laughter every time we hang out with steph (love you!). i think you're a BA, end of story.

AXO: all of you girls are so amazing, and i love you. thank you for always being there when i need advice, fun, or just someone to talk to. i am so excited for these next years and i can't wait to see what's coming. 

i get by with a little help from my friends.

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Anonymous said...

KB you are more than welcome. I love you too little lady.