Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hera Day!

It’s Hera Day!! A day dedicated to personal service, in honor of Alpha Chi Omega’s patron goddess, Hera. Whether it’s something small, or a huge service event, it can change the course of someones day, or even life. Participate in small acts of kindness today, whether recognized or not.  HAPPY HERA DAY!

It's also Ritual appreciation week. I plan on reading over our Ritual sometime this week. :)

Let’s Be Real
Someone needs to change the language. Change the conversation.
Change how women think and act about the idea of sorority.
We accept the challenge. By offering an experience that respects and responds
to the hopes, dreams, fears & realities of today’s women, in today’s world.
At Alpha Chi Omega,
we are Real Women. Facing Real Issues. In the Real World.
On the one hand, inspiring. In turn, being inspired.
Transforming . And becoming transformed.
Together, creating a more positive reality, for ourselves and others.
We are Strong Women.
Strong in the courage of our convictions, the confidence in our actions
and the purpose in our hearts.
To know us will be to experience a voice that is
respectful, genuine, open, empathetic & honest. Real.
We will define how a sorority will thrive, and be defined,
today and in the future.
We are Real. Strong. Women.

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