Thursday, March 3, 2011

woop de doop

(I hate coming up with blog titles)

I have had all day to do nothing and it is absolutely amazing.
I woke up, went to my FCHD class, listened to people talk about how great their kids are, came home, took a nap, went to the bank with Tiffany, and now I'm taking a study break from my math test studying.
I love Tuesdays and Thrsdays because there's nothing to do after 11:30.
But I also love Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, because I feel more productive because I'm in class all day. 

When I have a job and make money, these will be in my life. 

I just need new clothes, really. 
Just in case you wanted to know... lol. 

My life has been kind of weird lately. All I've wanted to do is go to the beach. 
Maybe that's because Spring Break starts tomorrow, and I am definitely just hanging out in Salt Lake. I'm okay with that, though. It will be nice to be home!

I need a job.

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