Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lyre Week (again)

I know I've posted about Lyre week before, but since it happens every semester, you will probably be seeing it a lot. :)

This was my first time being on the other side of Lyre week (the active side), and I absolutely LOVED every second of it.
I loved not getting any sleep, bonding with sisters I've never spent a whole lot of time with, and definitely going through Ritual for the third time. 
It was amazing, because the first and second times, nothing really stuck in my brain because I was baffled by it all. The third time, everything made sense. I can't wait to go through it a lot more times over my life, and learn more and more every time. 
Lyre week is a sisterhood week. A week meant for learning about Alpha Chi Omega, a week spent with your sisters. A week learning about WHY you are doing what you're doing. WHY you are here. WHY we chose YOU over someone else. 
It's one of the best weeks ever, and I'm already waiting for the fall class so I can do it all again. 

Congratulations to::
Ileana, Katie, Hazel, Alex, Chandra, Whitney, Jennifer, and Stephenie! 
We love you girls soooo much, welcome to the bond of AXO. 

Among the seriousness, there's also the HILARIOUS parts of Lyre week. The prank, the quote, the stealing of fraternity flags... Just see the pictures. :)

Quotes (courtesy of Riley Jo Justesen)::
"I left my legacy GARCIA!"
"I mean...should we add both or what."
"I have a penis cake pan. Who. Has. Cake. Mix."
Chelsea: I am not very good at stuff with my body
Riley: Ope.
Stephanie: I pray for your husband...

When is founders day celebrated? The party don't stop 4 foundas day!
"Can we please roast someone else now??"
"Oh my GOD Kristina, you can't just ask people why their white."
"Once it starts it can't ever stop. Let's just flush her down the toilet or something"
"Let's all put our beds around this table, it can be a common ground in case we want to play checkers or something."
"That wasn't a carebear. That was a demond."
"Welp all your pink shit is being lit on fire. On a serious note, can I borrow someones shampoo?"
"I just spit corn."
"No, I know it's this twin because....shit. They're hard core ass identical."
"all these creepy barbies just added mcwhimpey."

family<3 i didn't know i had this big of a family!
(minus my big)

half my birdie class!

new babies(:

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Jake and Kim said...

Sounds fun sister! And out of all your crazy pictures, the one that freaks me out is the one where you are sleeping in a window....so creepy what if people watched you sleep!!?