Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm just not sure HOW to do it.

I want to graduate, move somewhere amazing. Either southeast coast or northwest coast. I want to plan events and photograph events. Concerts, weddings, parties, corporate stuff, whatever. 

I want to build a house. because let's be honest, I'm kind of picky. I think it's because I've moved around so much. I'm convinced that no house has everything I want, so I'll just have to build one. I'm okay with it. I want a big backyard for parties, a bar in the basement, a really pretty kitchen, a front porch to sit and drink on. All that goooood stuff. Really though. This house is all I think about sometimes.

I want to get married (SURPRISE! I bet you neeeever would have guessed that), to someone who love music as much as I do. Someone with tattoos so I'm not the only one being stared at (that sucks sometimes), and because they're sexy, but that's not important.. bahaha. I'm not going into too many details on this because then you'll know way too much about me. ;)
So... That's my plan. But the instructions to this game are nowhere to be found. 
For now all I have is a major picked out. Journalsim/Communication with a PR emphasis. And either a graphic design, art, or polisci minor. That hasn't been decided yet though. It'll probably be art...

I'm done now. 

Just though you guys might want to know me few life goals.

OH! Also, I bought a notebook a couple days ago to start writing my bucket list in. That and movies to see, bands to check out, and books to read. Along with other random things. Because then if something happens to my computer, I'll still have it. And when I die my kids can look at it and say, "Aw my mom was a badass, she had goals."  Bahahah that was a joke. 

I'm really done now because this is staring to not make any sense at all. 


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Jake and Kim said...

love this love you love your future already. southeast coast and northwest coast are nowhere near Utah. bah hum bug to you lady.