Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anchors and AXO

(Yes, I know the anchor for DG and AST)

-Stability and a strong foundation
-Well grounded hope.
-The anchor remains firm and steady amidst the stormy waters, symbolizing the stable part of a human being, that quality which enables us to keep a clear mind amid the confusion of sensation, emotion and the general “storms” of life.

Some families in fraternities/sororities (big&little) have family symbols. Mine doesn't, and I want to change that. Sooooo when I get a little, guess what it will be! I feel like it's not just because I personally love anchors, but because all of the things listed above are things that fraternities and sororities, and especially families, should be. They're an organization that you can rely on, and are always there for you no matter what. They help you through the hard times, and celebrate the good. I'm really excited to make this happen.

Just thought I'd share that with the world.

also, this quote could not be any more appropriate.

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