Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"Here's to lack of sleep, blistered feet, and brand new sisters at the end of the week."
Alpha Chi just finished up our formal fall recruitment!
It was a looooong stressful week, but in the end we got 17 new babies we are so happy about.
We got every girl we wanted, and it turned out amazingly. 

First night was hour tours, where the girls come over and learn about AXO and look at our house and get to know us and we get to know them. 
So cute.
I wore massive heels and my feet are dead but it's okay.

Second night is philanthropy night. The girls come over again and we do a craft (usually) that has to do with our philanthropy, victims of domestic violence. We decorated luminaries to put in our yard during October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

The third night, Preference (pref) Night, is a more somber night. We invite back the girls we want to come for the evening, and they're basically paired with one of the actives. This night is kind of one last chance to make the girls love Alpha Chi.

And last but not least... 
This is where we give out bids to our new girls and celebrate with them. 

I'm so excited for our new babies :)

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