Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lyre Fest Freaking

So as y'all know I was elected VP Philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega. 
As many of you know, the philanthropy of AXO is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. We are supposed to work with local domestic violence shelters, which I'm working on getting stared more so than it already has been.

I've planned an entire WEEK of events called Lyre Fest. Philanthropy chairs before me (this used to be a non-executive board position, but now it's on the exec board) usually only planned one activity that lasted a couple hours for a couple days. It's taking place February 13-17 (with the exception of Valentine's Day since I will be at the LADY ANTEBELLUM CONCERT!)
Monday we are making valentines in the student center to give to CAPSA (Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency), the local abuse shelter, for them to give to the victims.
Wednesday we are having Pie an Alpha Chi where people can buy a whipped cream filled pie tin to throw at an Alpha Chi. The theme for that is "throw pies not punches" so it makes a little more sense. I'm charging a couple dollars to throw a pie and get a cup of hot chocolate. 
Thursday I am having a movie shown in one of the lecture halls on campus. I need to figure out how to purchase copyrights or whatever I have to do in order to show it... If anyone knows how let me know!

Friday is the biggest event! It's Mr. Alpha Chi Omega. I've put together a list of fabulous men both in and out of the Greek community and they will compete in swimsuit, talent, question, and evening wear for the title of Mr. Alpha Chi. I think for this I'm going to charge a dollar with an item on this wishlist and two dollars without. This way we both make money and have something to give to CAPSA. I'm really excited about this and I hope it'll turn out as well as I've seen it done at other chapters. I'm planning on giving the winner a paddle and a bro tank or t-shirt that says either "all the bros love a chi o's" or "i'm an alpha chi kind of guy."
It's still all up in the air, but I'm so stressed about it! I still need to figure out the movie rights issue, find judges for Mr. AXO and get sponsors and supplies for everything. I don't know how many of you have planned a week of events but it's HARD!


Whoever decided to have this event in February was not very smart...
Oh wait.

K bye

If you want to read more about Alpha Chi's philanthropy click here. :)


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Jake and Kim said...

Here I am, all sad that you are so far away...totally missing you..and there you are, being your amazing little self!!! Go sister! I can't believe how busy you are, I'm excited (and proud of)for you!