Friday, February 17, 2012

Lyre Fest

My philanthropy week is finally over! It's been one of the most stressful weeks of my entire life.
It definitely didn't go as well as planned. One of our bigger events got cancelled because it was snowing, and there weren't very many sisters at another one. But all in all I feel like I learned a lot about not only event planning, but planning everything in general, and about myself. 
I learned its okay to delegate things- I don't HAVE to do everything by myself. I might feel bad about making someone do something, but really that is what a committee is for.
I learned that best friends really will always be there. 
I learned that most businesses will give you donations if you ask a month in advance. 
For our next philanthropy activities I'm going to need...
-An advertising committee
-A donation committee
-A cleanup/setup committee and
-More sister support

Done and done. 

I'm going to make it through two more classes and then I'm disappearing to Salt Lake with my family for the weekend. 

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Carlos Murillo said...

Good job Kristina!! I am proud of you and your hard work. Your sisters must be proud of you too. GO AXO!