Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Things

My personalized list of life's greatest little things...

-Painting your nails.

-Making the perfect bow on a present.

-Nap time

-Sunday afternoons with great friends


-Waking up to rain

-Buying a scratch off ticket for a dollar and winning $400! That happened to me today!

-Keep Calm and __________. 

-Someone remembering something you told them that you didn't expect anyone to remember

-Someone remembering little details about you

-Otters and sloths

-Lady Antebellum


-Finishing someone's sentence

-Sitting down after a long day. Or 7 hours of volunteering if you're me.


-That "I'm so proud of you" text message

-Doing well on a project you BS'd at 5 in the morning.

-Life chats and learning about yourself

-Having an amazing potential new member accept her bid!


This is me challenging you to create your list of life's greatest little things. I've said this before and I'll say it again, but the little things in life are the ones you are going to remember. 

little things
little things

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Carlos Murillo said...

I love this!! I want to reblog it but... This is not le Tumblr. lol