Monday, May 21, 2012

numbers and buns and all the bleh things.

Summer for me,so far, is as follows:
15 days of work
1 trip to Logan 
400 dollars more than expected
2 friends in Salt Lake.
10,000 tweets (a few years later).
0 pictures taken

I still have...
2 months and 12 days of work (approximately)
1,000,000 hot dog buns
2 friends.

The first couple days of this summer literally sucked. I had to start working a day earlier than I told them I was available, I cried with my best friend, I realized that my life literally is my job.
Reading back over the post I wrote about my job when it ended last summer, I still stand by everything I said.
It's been 15 days and yes, it's still hard. Yes, it still sucks. No, it's not as hot, but it's also only May.
We'll see how the rest of this summer plays out, but I've already been scheduled for 10 days in a row. Which really is not okay, for even people with easy jobs.
HOWEVER. I have a job, and I know a lot of people that don't, and I make more money than my friends combined. So really I am grateful for this (hellloooo new shoes!). 
And I have life chats with the guys at work, because they all have a lot more life experience than I do. I learn a lot from them.
Someday though, I'd like to have a real summer. I've spent both my collegiate summer away from friends and working. I would seriously kill to be on the beach for a summer, or at least with all the people. Having only family and two friends in SLC seriously gets lonely.

If I'm sad when you see me...This is why.
I'm getting another tattoo if I make it through this summer.
Just to warn you.
That's all. 



**I DID get a pedi with my momma. It was most excellent:) 

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CarlyCrosby said...

I miss you!!! I should'a stayed in SLC for the summer :( I'll be prayin for ya