Sunday, June 16, 2013

an update!

I am here to give you a blog update of the past little while in my life in the form of pictures, because that's what I do best. Hold on tight, there's a lot!

Most recent adventure: Daniel (I just remembered that I haven't told my blog anything about him! Bottom line: he's the most perfect boyfriend that I have) planned a camping trip for us. He planned where to go, what we were going to eat, he bought a tent, etc. It was wonderful! We went to Sebastian Inlet State Park. It was on my bucket list to camp on the beach, and Daniel helped cross that off! It was beautiful there.

He woke me up at 6:30 IN THE MORNING. 

 Macho man.

Perfect hot dog.


 ....I brought his bear camping. I am five years old.

Sea turtle nest!


Life size Stitch! If he came to life, this is how big he would be. THAT is how accurate everything is at Disney.

Got my hair cut....

Daniel likes to color, so he colored these for me. And he calls me Lilo, so that's where all the Lilo and Stitch pictures come from. I guess you could say it's our "thing." :)

I don't remember where we were going for those two previous pictures, but he looks pretty cute in his pirate hat. Almost as cute as Mel looks in his work shirt, hahahah.

Merida was crowned an official Disney Princess!

House of Blues!


I was lucky enough to have my wonderful uncles Edwin and Tim fly me to Orient to visit them. It was short, but a perfectly perfect visit as usual. I love them to death and I loved getting them to myself for a few days. :)

^^^ Reasons I love Southwest. 

This is the local movie theater. SO cute and little!

Viola the meow.

<3 good="" so="">

Best lemon meringue pie I've ever had. 

Mel sent me this while I was gone... ahaha


Kathie, Tim, Edwin, Jerry. :) 


Orient is the cutest little town.

I spent sunset on the pebbley beach one night. It was perfect.

The night we saw Great Gatsby, we also had pizza and chinese food for dinner. 


Daniel sent me this picture while I was there. YES that is my cheetah. But the rest are his. See, it's totally normal to love stuffed animals.


I got to work Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. This is a 4 week long Star Wars celebration that happens only on the weekends. It has limited edition merchandise, food, drinks, character meet and greets, etc. I worked all of it so I didn't get to experience it. Maybe next year?

Florida sunsets are the best sunsets.

Daniel's family was nice enough to have me over for Memorial Day. We swam and ate hot dogs. :) 

This is memorial dat as well!


I don't know how this picture got down here, but it's from the beach in Orient.

Mom and Joe came to visit me :)

Her man!


Friends visiting <3 p="">

Much needed time with this lady. She's my soulmate!


 Jeff had blisters...


My pretty roommate Mel :)

Favorite CP bestie Michael!

Daniel took me to Universal once! :)

In the middle of a kiddy rollercoaster ride and BOOM thunder. We were the last ones to ride it that day! Oopsies

Alrighty. I think I have bombarded everyone with enough pictures. Have you had enough? 
I am having a wonderful time here in Florida. I love everything about it, except that it rains every day which means I can't ever see the stars at night. I love the rain part though. Too many good things are happening in my life. I am so so lucky to have everything that I do. 
And I get to visit Utah in a little less than a month!! YAY!

Love you all :)

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