Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bucket List.

Grace (her blog is HERE) sent me a list of journal prompts to write about on my blog. And as I was reading it, one of the options was "bucket list." I realized that I haven't ever shared my bucket list with, well, anybody. I'm not going to share the whole thing, but I'll show you some of the main ones.The items in bold have been accomplished. :)

1) Take pictures of everything on this list.
5)  Make an igloo.
7)  Live in a southern state.
9)  New years in NY.
10)    New years in LV.
12) Experience zero gravity.
13)  Christmas in NY.
14) Christmas in big cities.
*San Francisco
15)  Swim with dolphins.
16)  Scuba dive.
17)  Drive.
23)  Camp in my backyard with husband and kids.
24)  Change someones life.
26) Take a perfect lightning picture.
27)  See the northern lights in person.
28) Go on an Alaskan cruise.
29)  Live in Seattle.
35) Go to Oktoberfest.
36) Go to all 7 continents.
43)  Make it all the way through Hobbitville. On foot and by car..
45) Visit all 50 states.
46) Move out on my own.
50)   Beach camping.
51)  Drive cross-country on Route 66.
54) Visit every national park with Grace.
55) Climb a water tower.
56)  Backpack Europe.

I think that some people miss out on a lot of life experiences by not having a bucket list. I'm afraid that if I didn't have one, my life would be boring. For example: If I didn't have a goal to travel the world, I don't know if it would happen. Now we all know this isn't a logical example, because I'm me, but it was the first one I thought of. You all get the point. 
I'm afraid of being boring, and by having a fun list of things to accomplish in my life, I think it keeps life from being too mundane and repetitive. Daniel and I had a few days off together and he remembered that I had mentioned that camping on the beach was on my bucket list. The next thing I knew, he had a weekend camping trip planned out for us. Things like this keep life interesting. 
I'm challenging all of you to write at least 10 things you want to do in your lifetime. They can be big or small, as long as there are 10. Post them in the comments, I want to see what everyone says! Don't be afraid.