Saturday, February 14, 2015

a year later.

First, let me apologize for it being nearly a year since I last wrote on here. I can't even blame it on things being really crazy or busy. I guess I just simply haven't... I thought about it a lot of times but maybe I felt like I didn't have anything important to say? I'm not sure. 

Anyway, here is a list of things that haven't changed:

-Daniel is still in my life (yay!)
- I still work for Disney
- I still miss my family/Utah with my whole heart

New things:

-Daniel and I are engaged! It happened in September while we were in Disneyland. (I will post another blog about that)
-I got another job
-Daniel got promoted
-I realized I prefer Disneyland over Walt Disney World (not very important)
-Maybe we might move to the West after I graduate

A lot of fun things are in store for Daniel and I in the next few months of our lives! We are moving into an apartment that is all our own on March 10th, and we could not be more excited! He started packing a few weeks ago and we are nearly finished. It is very exciting! We will be moving closer to where his family is, and to an area that is a further from Disney. We have decided that we are kind of over being surrounded all the time. 

I have just started a new job as a Front Desk Specialist at Orange Lake Resort. I have been there working on my own for three weekends, and the last thing I feel like is a specialist. It is hard for me to not be really good at something when I first start doing it. I kind of feel like I should be better at it, but then I remember that I have only worked like 9 shifts out of training! I think back to my beginning days at Disney and how bad and unknowledgable  (is that a word?) I was then. Now, I am a trainer and I get to teach all the new people how to do what we do, and why Disney is so amazing. I just cross my fingers and know that I will be as good at my new job as I have been in my past few jobs. It will just take time, but I know i can do it! I love this new job and the company as a whole. There is a lot of room for opportunity and growth both as an individual and within the company as well. We are expecting to open 17 new properties across the country in the next 5 years, so there are a lot of places I cold potentially go!

Daniel is now working in a supervisor position with Disney in Frontierland. He is primarily at Splash Mountain, but he could work anywhere in the land at any given time. He is enjoying it so far, but is almost ready to take a new direction in his career. He isn't completely sure what he wants to do yet. Which makes me feel a little better about not being sure what I want to do yet. He is thinking he may want to start taking some online classes to get another degree, this time in business. I am excited to see where that takes him.

At the beginning of this post I said I didn't know why I hadn't blogged in so long. I still don't know why, but I do know that PART of the reason was that I had a laptop that was falling apart, and my "H" key didn't work. If I wanted to type that letter, I had to copy and paste from a website or somewhere on the screen. BUT. I bought a new laptop, so I am hoping to be back on the blogosphere more often. However, I always say that. So we will see. 

I was going to add some new photos to this post for all of you, and then I remembered that I can't because I haven't put any on my new laptop yet. So if you are my facebook friend or instagram follower (keepingupwithkristina), check out my life there too! 

I will blog about the engagement when I put the pictures on here. Until then, I hope you at least enjoyed the little update. 


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