Tuesday, October 19, 2010

nephews and car accidents.

two very different topics, but two major things that happened.
first, the car accident (since it's the sad one).
Kylie had just gotten her car from Park City. Her parents had just let her have it, since she is a freshman and all that jazz. We decided to go to DI to get sweatshirts to trade in for the Sweatshirt Swap (more on that later).
Kylie was driving, I was in the passenger, and Tiffany was in the back right.
We had just left the house and were heading west on a major road. We had a green light, and all of a sudden a yellow truck speeds through the intersection on a very red light. Kylie swerved to avoid him, but he hit us anyway. Our front right, and his front left.
We spun around, he hit the power line pole, and then somehow ended up on the other side of the intersection. He was unconscious...
Here's what I remember:
Driving, driving, driving, green light, yellow truck, crashing, spinning, a flash of teal-ish light, smoke, and an awful smell.
My door wouldn't open, so I had to climb out through the drivers door.
Kylie had to go to the ER because her neck hurt, and she has had 3 concussion before.
We sat on the street for about an hour waiting to get our stuff from our car.
It was seriously the scariest experience ever.
However, there were hot firemen...so....that's really all you need in life.
Anyway, we are all home now, and all safe, just a little sore.

Now for the fun stuff!
Austin Peterson!
Born October 15, 2010
5:44 pm.
8 lbs. 4 oz.
22 1/2 in. long.

Cutest thing I ever did see :)
He was born via c-section due to his transverse position. Little guy didn't want to come out!
He was in the NICU because he wasn't breathing exactly right, but as far as I know he's okay now.
Dad came in for the weekend, and it was fall break for me so it was very convenient for me to come home from school.
His original due date was October 23, which was homecoming, so I was going to be bummed if I had to miss.
Thanks for that sister!

Here's a few more pictures:



aunt k.

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Anonymous said...

Dear K*Beezy.
Not okay that Tiffany Eff Bushman was not mentioned during the story of death car accident.
She was a valid part of that trio.
A concerned friend.