Saturday, September 7, 2013

Honesty Hour

Hi, all!
*warning, I didn't edit this post at all. It's late and I'm tired. There's typos. Love me anyway :)*
It's been over a month since I have written, even after I promised myself to blog more. It has been so crazy around here with moving, Daniel moving, switching job locations, and starting school. It's been madness! I'm currently sitting in my dark living room after working until 2:00am. Yes, these are normal hours to work at Magic Kingdom! 

Just a short update before I delve into the point of us being here tonight. I was offered a part time role here at Disney, so I am doing merchandise in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. Same job, just a different location. For those of you who don't know Disney very well, Tomorrowland is based in the future and has space aspects, so we get to be space rangers and astronauts all day. Perfect for me. We defeat Zurg on the Buzz Lightyear themed ride, take a journey through space on Space Mountain, and we try to not let Stitch escape from jail in Stitch's Great Escape. We have more attractions than that, but those are a few of the main ones. I work throughout the whole land, so I am always moving from store to store. 
I'm also going to school full time at Valencia College majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I like it so far, but I do miss my university A LOT.

That brings me to the point of this post! 
I'm going to be honest with everyone reading this (anyone out there?) and I'm going to tell you this...
I really miss Utah! I love Florida, do not get me wrong. I am very very happy down here, but it's not 100% home yet. My family is obviously a huge thing that I miss, and seeing as my sister is having a baby IN LESS THAN A WEEK (!!!!), I really with I was able to be there for that. I miss them every day, but I have a few people down here that make it better. I was hiding at work today being all teary-eyed because I was thinking about everything, and then my mom sent me a picture of my doggies saying "we miss you!" I won't tell you what happened next. :)
My Alpha Chi Omega sisters just finished up recruitment week and we got 39 new girls. That is a HUGE class! I didn't work until 8:00pm tonight, so I spent my day running errands with Daniel while stalking all my sisters facebook and instagram pictures. The chapter is huge now, and I don't know ANYONE. I would bet that I maybe know...25(?) of the NINETY something girls that we have now (the Greek system as a whole has more than tripled since I joined. We had 34 girls total when I joined). This is a very sad thing for me, because I used to be a big part of the chapter. I held positions, went to everything we were supposed to, and made an effort to get to know everyone. It's really hard being away when all these new people come in. I also miss Utah State. I miss walking to class rather than commuting there, I miss the library and it's study rooms, and I actually might miss all the scooters running around everywhere. 

I don't know how many of you have ever picked up your roots and moved anyway far away, but it is really hard to suddenly leave everything behind. When I came to Florida I had my mind set that I was never going to stay. Well, plans change people. And here I am, getting a Florida drivers license next week. Paying bills with a Florida address like a real adult. It's scary, and it can be hard. :(
Anyway, my point being this: While sometimes I think I may have chosen the wrong life path by moving out here, I know that I came here for the right reasons, and that going back would be for all the wrong ones.
I talk to my family almost every day, and I would be a senior in AXO this year. It's amazing what time will do. 

That's really all I needed to say, but maybe I will post again tomorrow (or in a month or three). Until then, I love you all and it is BED TIME for this space ranger.


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Carly Crosby said...

Love you. We miss you too. L&L